This will be my last blog post. I just retired so I can’t really call myself ‘hobo lawyer’ anymore although I still laughingly call myself a hobo. The only reason I can retire before eligible for Social Security is because my expenses are low because I live in a van. I don’t pay a mortgage, rent, utility bills, property taxes or upkeep on a house and 99% of the time I camp for free. I had fun crisscrossing the country over the past year and a half to all of the places I have always wanted to go so I am slowing it down now and I am mostly going to stick to Oregon and Washington for the summer and then in the future probably just Oregon during the Summer  because I absolutely love Oregon. For the winters I plan on sticking to California and Arizona. Since I will be going to a lot of the same areas there won’t be much new stuff to blog about anyway. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. Travel to places you have always wanted to go because life is short and traveling is awesome! 🗺