Beautiful Oregon Coast

We are slowly driving up the Oregon coast because it is so beautiful. We saw sea lions at a marina and yesterday we spotted whales off the coast that are migrating North right now like us. We stayed at an ocean pullout a couple of nights ago and watched the sun set over the ocean, although a little cloudy, from the back of the school bus. We hiked down a hill to the ocean below to Sisters Rocks that had caves and lush grenery everywhere, which remined me of pictures I have seen of New Zealand. Most of the coast is undeveloped and beautiful. It has also not been crowded with people or traffic which has been nice. The part of the coast we are driving right now is a little more inland without ocean turnouts to stay the night at so last night we found a forest road to park off of overnight. Our cell service has been kind of spotty so we bought walkie talkies to talk to each other while driving which has been great. Even when we have cell service we like using the walkie talkies which is safer than grabing the phone to call each other. It is also illegal here to talk on your phone while driving. The Oregon coast is one of the most beautiful places I have been to, so glad we decided to drive it 🌄