Cops Woke Me Up And Drinking Coffee with a Homeless Man

I usually don’t like parking overnight at Walmart anymore because most stopped allowing it and some will tell you over the phone you can park there but when you get there signs are posted prohibiting it, probably because of a city ordinance. Well yesterday we were in Grants Pass, Oregon and parked at a Walmart where one of the employees told us we could over the phone. However, when we got there we saw ‘no overnight RV parking’ signs posted. There were a lot of RVs, vans and other vehicles there with people staying the night so we decided to stay the night. In the morning we both got what we call in our lifestyle as ‘the knock’ by the police telling us we needed to leave because overnight parking is not allowed there. They woke me up out of a dead sleep so half-asleep the only thing that came out of my mouth was telling the police that the sign says ‘no overnight RV parking’ and we weren’t in RVs. I guess that came from the attorney in me. They also told me I couldn’t panhandle of which I promptly replied that we do not panhandle. I would like to think I do not look like a panhandler but I guess panhandlers don’t all have the same look. There are a lot of people that travel in RVs, etc. that fund their travels by panhandling at Walmarts, etc. The police were actually pretty nice and just doing their job. We drove to a nearby park on the river with these beautiful pink trees. There was also a lady in her car there with her kids that got kicked out of wherever they stayed the night. We also met this homeless guy traveling by foot with his dog that came up and started talking to us. We gave him some coffee and I sat with him on the curb and talked to him. He told me his life story and that he is newly homeless and addicted to crystal meth and alcohol. I felt bad for him and tried to convince him to go to an AA meeting. He was a really nice guy. He told us the park we were hanging out at is considered a ‘trolling park’ which I have never heard of before. He said it is where people go to meet people to hook up with. This guy in a truck pulled up and the homeless guy told me that the guy was weird and goes there to try to pick up girls that are vulnerable and homeless. The guy in the truck went straight to the girl with the kids in her car. He also told me that a lot of people go in the bathroom at the park and shoot up drugs. I started to walk in there to go the bathroom and decided I’d rather just go in my version of a toilet in my van, which I did. I told the homeless guy that some people think we are homeless because we live in vehicles of which he promptly replied that we are not homeless because our vehicles are our homes because they provide us with shelter, which is what I always say. We both had our guard up around the homeless guy which we usually do. We decided we were done with the snow and the cold and headed to the coast of California. We are in Crescent City, California right now hanging out by the ocean. Still pretty cold though because it’s very windy but it is so beautiful here. We saw some seals but I couldn’t get a picture of them because they ducked under the water too quick, so cool to see though. I love the California coast 🏖