Kings Canyon National Park Continued

I really enjoyed spending more time in Kings Canyon National Park and Sequoia National Forest yesterday and today. I hiked around Hume Lake with beautiful views of the snow capped mountains. The drive to Hume Lake was from high elevation down the mountain on a winding very narrow road with traffic going in both directions. I was grateful it wasn’t a busy road as it isn’t too busy at the park right now. I hiked around lots of sequoia trees in another part of the park and walked through a hollowed out fallen sequoia tree. I had a great time in the park. Now I have to hunker down and get caught up with work ⚖️



Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks in California

The drive up to Sequoia National Park was beautiful. The trees in both parks are the largest trees in the world, with the General Sherman tree being the largest in the world. It was hard to get pictures of the whole trees because they are so tall. The parks are right next to each other. I drove a lot of beautiful winding roads along the mountain rims throughout the parks which was breathtaking and a little scary at the same time. I am at high elevation which means some snow and driving through some clouds, both which were beautiful. No snow or ice on the road so no snow chains needed. Cell service is non-existent or spotty in the parks which is typical with most national parks. I am using the free wifi in one of the visitor centers right now. I love hiking here, lots of beautiful scenery and wildlife. I have been carrying my bear spray with me everywhere just in case I come across a bear and need to use it. Last night I camped for free in the national forest in a clearing off the side of the road just a few minutes outside the national parks. It was really quiet with hardly any traffic on the road because a few miles farther up the mountain the road is still closed for the winter. I love exploring our beautiful national parks ❤️




Beautiful Hike, Bad People

I hiked up and down hills and over boulders on the beautiful Kern River today. I really liked my campsite and hiking all the great trails in the area.  However, unfortunately some of the free dispersed camping attracts people that are broke and can’t be trusted. The girl that kept coming over to my van over the last couple of days came over today and asked to borrow my phone to call her mom because she said she didn’t have a phone. I let her borrow my phone and then her boyfriend got on the phone to talk to her mom too. They started to walk behind my van so I got out of my van and walked over there too. I got my phone back and when I got in my van I realized they tried to log on to my bank account. I dialed the girl’s mom’s number for her so they had no reason to go on anything else on my phone. They hit the home button on my phone and clicked on my app for my bank and then clicked on ‘forgot username or password’ and got to the screen that asked for my social security number and birthdate which they didn’t have so it stayed on that screen. I don’t know if was the girl or her boyfriend. I decided to leave but not before warning the people they were hanging out with, the ones that offered me the spaghetti and coffee in the morning. Turns out those people didn’t know the couple that well either and were glad I warned them. I was going to leave in the morning anyway so no big deal to leave a day early. I guess I won’t let anyone borrrow my phone again. With the good parts of traveling you sometimes have to deal with the bad which is why I always have my guard up. I still loved my campsite on the river 🌺


Riverfront Property

Yesterday I drove to Lake Isabel and then drove to a free dispersed camping area in Sequoia National Forest in Kernville, California. However, I got some bad vibes from a guy that was there. It was just me and him there. He was staring at me in a way that made me feel uncomfortable so I left and found another camping area. I always trust my gut instinct. However within an hour of being at the new area all these people in ATVs showed up because of all the trails near there. ATVs=ATV noise. I took a walk around the area to find a better campsite and found this really awesome free dispersed camping area on the beautiful Kern River where they had signs posted that ATVs weren’t allowed. I always love living in a van down by the river. While I was checking out the area on foot I talked to some of the people in this group of two RVs, a tent and a van. After I parked my van by the river this girl came over from the group and said that the guys want me to come over for a spaghetti dinner. Within a few minutes one of the guys came over with a huge plate of spaghetti and garlic bread. I told him I couldn’t eat the spaghetti because I am a vegetarian but I took him up on the offer of the garlic bread of which I thanked him. This morning the same girl came back over and knocked on my van door and said the guys want me to come over for coffee. I told her I already had coffee but thanked her. I guess I will have to go over there sometime today so it doesn’t look like I am being rude. I socialized a lot at my last campsite by the hot springs and kind of wanted more alone time at this campsite but I’ll socialize a little. I meet lots of really nice people camping. I have been camping for many years, starting with tent camping and I find that most people that are camping are very friendly, probably because they’re doing what they love just like me ⛺️




California Hot Springs

I really enjoyed my time at Remington Hot Springs in California. It wasn’t as wild and crazy as the first night which was Easter night. Not sure why a Sunday night and Easter was party night. I also hiked a nice path up the mountain from our camping area. I had a great time hanging out with my neighbors. I mainly hung out with a couple tent camping, a couple in their van and this older hippy guy in his RV. We hung out in the hot springs day and night and had campfires every night with me working inbetween the fun. My favorite part of traveling is exploring new destinations but I also enjoy meeting different people along the way 🌼


Naked Hippies, a Rave and a Police Visit

After the sun went down last night it got crazy here. Early in the evening I went to my neighbors for their campfire. They grilled veggies for me when I told them I was a vegetarian. They are all from California, super cool group to hang out with. A ton of people came into the parking/camping area after it got dark last night. We walked down to the hot springs and everyone was naked in there. It was pretty down there with this big lit up peace sign on the opposite side of the river reflecting on the river and the full moon shining on the river. There was lots of other moons there too😁. A little while later a pop up rave appeared near my van with loud techno music, which I didn’t mind since I love techno music. It turned into a big party here. I might have been the only person not on acid or ecstasy which is probably why I went to sleep first. I’m very grateful for my sound machine app on my phone and my earphones to block out the music when I was ready for bed. When I woke up there was a couple sleeping on a blanket on the ground right next to my van and another person not far from my van sleeping on the ground in a sleeping bag. So glad I got my van to sleep in. This morning I walked down to the hot springs with one of my campmates to soak in the bathtub pool. Pretty much everyone was naked, even kids. I guess naked hippies and hot springs go together. The guy I walked there with got naked too. I tried not to stare at people and I tried to just look at their eyes when talking to them, which was kind of difficult. I felt more comfortable keeping my bathing suit on. I really enjoyed soaking in the hot springs. I’m gonna do that every day that I’m here. I was concerned that the hot spring pools were filthy from the big party there last night but one of my campmates went down there this morning and drained and refilled the pools so I wanted to take advantage of the cleaner pools this morning. I tried to ignore that there was someone’s razor sitting next to one of the pools I guess because they were shaving in there. I didn’t go in that pool. This guy who is friends with the people I have been hanging out with keeps asking to massage my feet. He even tried to give me a laser light in exchange for being able to massage my feet, so wierd but funny at the same time. I didn’t take him up on the offer just in case you are wondering. While I was at the hot springs this morning I was told the police came by looking for a trailer that someone stole. A local told me the police sometimes make up stuff to try to catch people doing illegal things here. I guess they hid the illegal stuff pretty good because nobody went to jail. I was also told that the nearest city is full of meth head tweekers that often come here to break into vehicles while people are soaking in the hot springs to find items to steal to support their meth habits. My campmates always leave one person at our camping area to watch everyone’s vehicles, including mine. I have an alarm and I always keep my van locked even when nearby. If anything was stolen it wouldn’t be a big deal. They are just things. Now if they were stealing vehicles (I need my home although it is replaceable too) or if they were commiting violent crimes I would have gotten the heck out of here. Today I hung out with some of the naked hippies from last night and they were all pretty cool people I enjoyed talking to. Well the crazy wild hot springs definitely lived up to its reputation! 😁

Hot Springs in California

I am camping in the Sequoia National Forest in California by these hot springs I found online. I found a great spot to park my van up on this hill with a nice view of the forest. Within five minutes of getting here I met my neighbors camping in an RV who invited me over for a campfire later. I walked down to the hot springs and met some of the locals that volunteer to clean the hot springs pools a couple of times a week. One of the volunteers told me that the locals built the pools for the hot springs about twenty years ago. There are all these pretty rocks in the pools and they made one of the pools looks like a bathtub. Someone put Christmas ornaments on a tree across the river from the hot springs and a peace sign at the bottom of it that I am told lights up at night because it has solar lights on it. I will have to check that out tonight. The volunteer also told me that the forest rangers want to shut the hot springs pools down because people from the nearby city complained that people go there to get drunk, do drugs and have sex. All I saw was families celebrating Easter. Maybe the other stuff goes on at night. I had to drive up the side of a mountain with steep dropoffs and no railings to get here. I can’t imagine people driving it drunk and at night. He also told me that one of the volunteers that goes there to clean it all the time got a ton of tickets and went to jail just for cleaning the pools. He also said the forest rangers keep putting up ‘no overnight camping’ signs at the entrance to the area where I’m camping overnight but the locals keep taking the signs down. There wasn’t one up today so I am staying the night. The people in the RV near me have been here since Wednesday and they haven’t been told to leave. I guess the forest rangers gave up. It was nice to put my feet in the hot springs. I’m going to go there in my bathing suit tomorrow. It is also nice to be in bathing suit and shorts weather again instead of  the 20° weather I was in just a few days ago 🌼