I ❤️ Forest Camping

I am back to camping in the forest near Ashland in the same spot I was in last week. I love this spot. I have a beautiful view of Mt. Shasta and the valley below from my van windows. I found this spot just driving up and down the mountain looking off to the sides of the road. You can camp anywhere in a national forest for free unless it is posted that you can’t park overnight or camp there or if they have signs stating you have to camp in designated areas. When I was a full-timer in an RV I stayed at campgrounds because I didn’t know about the forest or BLM camping, which is my preferred way to camp since it is so much more peaceful and you get lots of privacy. I like not having to make reservations at a campground so on a whim I can go wherever I want. I am going to be traveling with my friend in his school bus for awhile since we want to go to a lot of the same places. Yesterday I went on a short hike on the Pacific Crest Trail that I can walk to from my campsite. I loved the movie Wild with Reese Witherspoon which is based on a true story about this girl that hiked the Pacific Crest Trail so it was cool to walk part of the trail. I plan to take a longer hike while here after the weather clears up as it’s pretty rainy today. It even snowed earlier which was actually pretty beautiful 🌨❄️