Happy Ashland, Oregon

I really like Ashland. It is a beautiful city with a beautiful park with a lot of hiking trails leading from the city through the park up to the mountains. There is a pretty river that flows right through the city. There are lots of houses turned into cute bed and breakfast establishments and there are deer that just hang out in the city and even in people’s yards. I like that Ashland is not a big city but it isn’t too small either. Yesterday when I was walking through the park there was someone playing bagpipes and there was an artisian market (home made goods for sale) set up across the park for the day. The last two nights I slept on a side street right next to the park. I couldn’t find anything online stating it is illegal to sleep in your vehicle but I still kept it on the downlow just in case. There is an RV parked near me that it is obvious someone is living in (extension cord going from the RV to the house next to it and air vents I keep seeing go up and down). I saw several other RVs and a guy living in his car that weren’t being too discreet about it so it could be legal to sleep in your vehicle here. I haven’t even moved my van because I can walk to everywhere I want to go. I don’t think there are any bad areas here. I love that the people living here are very friendly and laid back, even in traffic. If people see you getting ready to step into a cross walk they stop to wait for you to get to it and cross unlike a lot of places I haven been where people speed up so they don’t have to wait for you. Almost everyone I have run across here looks happy. Ashland is one beautiful happy city 😀