Northern California Coast

Yesterday I explored Fortuna, California where I took a walk along the river. Today I took a walk on the Boardwalk in Eureka, California. Although the waterfront is pretty I read online that they have a lot of crime there so I didn’t stay long. Today I also explored Trinidad, California which is a small beautiful oceanside town with these cool rock formations coming out of the water. A couple of nights ago I stayed the night at a California rest area which I will never do again because they have a 8 hour time limit. After getting setttled in and ready to go to bed I realized I only had 5 hours left so I had to deal with less sleep than I needed. Last night I stayed the night in a casino parking lot where it is allowed and tonight I am staying the night on a residential street that allows overnight parking, although it may be illegal to sleep in your vehicle so I just keep that on the downlow. I have slept in over one hundred parking lots and streets. Not everybody can say that 😁