Guest at a Tourist Club

Last night I stayed overnight at the San Francisco branch of The Tourist Club which is a club that was established in 1895 in Austria with the San Francisco branch established in 1912 by some local Germans and Austrians in the Mill Valley with beautiful views of the Muir Woods from the club. The club was established for nature lovers and to promote nature appreciation. I was able to stay there as a guest of one of the members (that I met at the hot springs recently) who obtained his membership with lots of volunteer hours at the club. I just had to pay $21 for the guest rate for my own room and bathroom. I love my van bed but made an exception to sleep at the club because it is so nice and it was quite a hike to and from my van. The club has a European theme because of the founders of the club. I felt like I was in Europe. I had to hike down a steep trail to get to the club and then hike back out today. I hiked a beautiful trail connected to the club yesterday. Last night I played Jenga with some of the members and guests in front of a warm fire and had coffee in front of the fire this morning with a nice couple from Connecticut 🔥