Snowfall and Yosemite National Park

Last night I stayed overnight in a parking area in the forest just outside Yosemite National Park in California. I woke up this morning to snow in the forest and snow covering my van. I had at least one inch of snow on my solar panels on my van roof. I drove to another part of the parking lot with my head sticking out my window so I could see since ice and snow was covering my windshield. I waited for the sun to melt the ice and snow on my van in the sunnier part of the parking lot that I moved to, which didn’t take long since it was a beautiful sunny day today. I can’t believe the snow and cold isn’t bothering me at all. I just layer my clothes and sleep in my warm sleeping bag and I am fine. While I was waiting for the sun to melt the ice and snow on my van I met my neighbors who also stayed the night. There was a couple from Germany that rented a mini van they slept in the back of that I talked with for at least an hour. They invited me over for breakfast and I showed them my van, which they liked. There was another couple there in their van. Unfortunately I couldn’t go far into the park because any higher up the road required tire chains for the snow, which I don’t have. I was able to drive to a trail head to hike to some beautiful waterfalls. There was a sign at the trailhead warning of a mountain lion in the area and that hiking sticks are a good way to defend yourself so I went back to my van and got my hiking sticks. No mountain lion sighting though. I’m sure my bear spray would probably work on a mountain lion too. Right now is the best time for seeing waterfalls since all the snow is melting high up in the mountain creating all the water. There is a little town in the park that I had to drive through to get to the waterfalls. I saw a library there so on the way back through town I pulled into the library parking lot and was able to get on their wifi without leaving my van. I don’t have cell service here so I am using their wifi to post this and do some work. I have discovered in my travels that you can access wifi for a lot of libraries from their parking lot and if not you can go inside and use the wifi even if not a resident there. Some require a password which they have always given me when I have requested it. I also use wifi at libraries to download movies and tv shows from Netflix to watch later. I’ll probably head back to Yosemite to explore the other parts of the park at the end of this summer after heading back down from the North Western states. It is nice to be in the park without the huge summer crowds though 🌿