Beautiful Hike, Bad People

I hiked up and down hills and over boulders on the beautiful Kern River today. I really liked my campsite and hiking all the great trails in the area.  However, unfortunately some of the free dispersed camping attracts people that are broke and can’t be trusted. The girl that kept coming over to my van over the last couple of days came over today and asked to borrow my phone to call her mom because she said she didn’t have a phone. I let her borrow my phone and then her boyfriend got on the phone to talk to her mom too. They started to walk behind my van so I got out of my van and walked over there too. I got my phone back and when I got in my van I realized they tried to log on to my bank account. I dialed the girl’s mom’s number for her so they had no reason to go on anything else on my phone. They hit the home button on my phone and clicked on my app for my bank and then clicked on ‘forgot username or password’ and got to the screen that asked for my social security number and birthdate which they didn’t have so it stayed on that screen. I don’t know if was the girl or her boyfriend. I decided to leave but not before warning the people they were hanging out with, the ones that offered me the spaghetti and coffee in the morning. Turns out those people didn’t know the couple that well either and were glad I warned them. I was going to leave in the morning anyway so no big deal to leave a day early. I guess I won’t let anyone borrrow my phone again. With the good parts of traveling you sometimes have to deal with the bad which is why I always have my guard up. I still loved my campsite on the river 🌺