Riverfront Property

Yesterday I drove to Lake Isabel and then drove to a free dispersed camping area in Sequoia National Forest in Kernville, California. However, I got some bad vibes from a guy that was there. It was just me and him there. He was staring at me in a way that made me feel uncomfortable so I left and found another camping area. I always trust my gut instinct. However within an hour of being at the new area all these people in ATVs showed up because of all the trails near there. ATVs=ATV noise. I took a walk around the area to find a better campsite and found this really awesome free dispersed camping area on the beautiful Kern River where they had signs posted that ATVs weren’t allowed. I always love living in a van down by the river. While I was checking out the area on foot I talked to some of the people in this group of two RVs, a tent and a van. After I parked my van by the river this girl came over from the group and said that the guys want me to come over for a spaghetti dinner. Within a few minutes one of the guys came over with a huge plate of spaghetti and garlic bread. I told him I couldn’t eat the spaghetti because I am a vegetarian but I took him up on the offer of the garlic bread of which I thanked him. This morning the same girl came back over and knocked on my van door and said the guys want me to come over for coffee. I told her I already had coffee but thanked her. I guess I will have to go over there sometime today so it doesn’t look like I am being rude. I socialized a lot at my last campsite by the hot springs and kind of wanted more alone time at this campsite but I’ll socialize a little. I meet lots of really nice people camping. I have been camping for many years, starting with tent camping and I find that most people that are camping are very friendly, probably because they’re doing what they love just like me ⛺️