Naked Hippies, a Rave and a Police Visit

After the sun went down last night it got crazy here. Early in the evening I went to my neighbors for their campfire. They grilled veggies for me when I told them I was a vegetarian. They are all from California, super cool group to hang out with. A ton of people came into the parking/camping area after it got dark last night. We walked down to the hot springs and everyone was naked in there. It was pretty down there with this big lit up peace sign on the opposite side of the river reflecting on the river and the full moon shining on the river. There was lots of other moons there too😁. A little while later a pop up rave appeared near my van with loud techno music, which I didn’t mind since I love techno music. It turned into a big party here. I might have been the only person not on acid or ecstasy which is probably why I went to sleep first. I’m very grateful for my sound machine app on my phone and my earphones to block out the music when I was ready for bed. When I woke up there was a couple sleeping on a blanket on the ground right next to my van and another person not far from my van sleeping on the ground in a sleeping bag. So glad I got my van to sleep in. This morning I walked down to the hot springs with one of my campmates to soak in the bathtub pool. Pretty much everyone was naked, even kids. I guess naked hippies and hot springs go together. The guy I walked there with got naked too. I tried not to stare at people and I tried to just look at their eyes when talking to them, which was kind of difficult. I felt more comfortable keeping my bathing suit on. I really enjoyed soaking in the hot springs. I’m gonna do that every day that I’m here. I was concerned that the hot spring pools were filthy from the big party there last night but one of my campmates went down there this morning and drained and refilled the pools so I wanted to take advantage of the cleaner pools this morning. I tried to ignore that there was someone’s razor sitting next to one of the pools I guess because they were shaving in there. I didn’t go in that pool. This guy who is friends with the people I have been hanging out with keeps asking to massage my feet. He even tried to give me a laser light in exchange for being able to massage my feet, so wierd but funny at the same time. I didn’t take him up on the offer just in case you are wondering. While I was at the hot springs this morning I was told the police came by looking for a trailer that someone stole. A local told me the police sometimes make up stuff to try to catch people doing illegal things here. I guess they hid the illegal stuff pretty good because nobody went to jail. I was also told that the nearest city is full of meth head tweekers that often come here to break into vehicles while people are soaking in the hot springs to find items to steal to support their meth habits. My campmates always leave one person at our camping area to watch everyone’s vehicles, including mine. I have an alarm and I always keep my van locked even when nearby. If anything was stolen it wouldn’t be a big deal. They are just things. Now if they were stealing vehicles (I need my home although it is replaceable too) or if they were commiting violent crimes I would have gotten the heck out of here. Today I hung out with some of the naked hippies from last night and they were all pretty cool people I enjoyed talking to. Well the crazy wild hot springs definitely lived up to its reputation! 😁