Hot Springs in California

I am camping in the Sequoia National Forest in California by these hot springs I found online. I found a great spot to park my van up on this hill with a nice view of the forest. Within five minutes of getting here I met my neighbors camping in an RV who invited me over for a campfire later. I walked down to the hot springs and met some of the locals that volunteer to clean the hot springs pools a couple of times a week. One of the volunteers told me that the locals built the pools for the hot springs about twenty years ago. There are all these pretty rocks in the pools and they made one of the pools looks like a bathtub. Someone put Christmas ornaments on a tree across the river from the hot springs and a peace sign at the bottom of it that I am told lights up at night because it has solar lights on it. I will have to check that out tonight. The volunteer also told me that the forest rangers want to shut the hot springs pools down because people from the nearby city complained that people go there to get drunk, do drugs and have sex. All I saw was families celebrating Easter. Maybe the other stuff goes on at night. I had to drive up the side of a mountain with steep dropoffs and no railings to get here. I can’t imagine people driving it drunk and at night. He also told me that one of the volunteers that goes there to clean it all the time got a ton of tickets and went to jail just for cleaning the pools. He also said the forest rangers keep putting up ‘no overnight camping’ signs at the entrance to the area where I’m camping overnight but the locals keep taking the signs down. There wasn’t one up today so I am staying the night. The people in the RV near me have been here since Wednesday and they haven’t been told to leave. I guess the forest rangers gave up. It was nice to put my feet in the hot springs. I’m going to go there in my bathing suit tomorrow. It is also nice to be in bathing suit and shorts weather again instead of  the 20° weather I was in just a few days ago 🌼