Arizona and Van Dweller Jobs

I am back in Arizona. For the Winter I have been sticking to traveling through Southern Arizona, Southern California and Southern Nevada. I am going to head North as soon as the weather starts warming up in those areas. I love being a snowbird traveling with the seasons. I don’t have air conditioning or a heater because no need for it. It has been in the 40s at night but I am use to it and I like it. I just layer my clothes, put on a fuzzy hat and socks and get all snuggled up in my sleeping bag at night. I even gave away my propane heater and all the extra propane bottles I had for it since I never used it. I started to stay at a truck stop in Kingman, Arizona last night but the area didn’t look safe. I then remembered my policy of not staying at truckstops in cities. I found a really nice Love’s truck stop away from the city with views of the mountains from my windows. I got a nice hot shower there this morning. Before I went to sleep last night I noticed another cargo van parked near me and I wondered if the person in it was a van dweller too. This morning I met the woman in the van. She said she is a part-time van dweller that loves traveling, like me. To pick up some income while on the road she transports dogs to destinations she wants to travel too. Today she had some dogs to deliver to a police department that are trained police dogs. I have met van dwellers that transport cars, motorcycles and other big items for extra income. I have met people with a lot of different careers that are van dwellers. I met two pilots that are full-time van dwellers that take on jobs between travels, a man that flies private helicopters and a woman that flies private planes. There are a lot of van dwellers with careers that have a higher than average income. I just recently heard about this professional athlete that makes millions that lives in a van. The link is at the bottom of this blog. I have also met an accountant, a video music composer, a science tutor, a psychic, website designers, computer programers and lots of people with Youtube channels that all work from their vans. A lot of van dwellers will work seasonal jobs at national parks and other popular places for 4-5 months of the year to make money to travel the rest of the year. I haven’t met another attorney though. There has to be another one out there that has discovered this awesome lifestyle of travel, adventure and freedom. I hope to be roaming this wonderful world we live in as long as I physically can. It may not always be in a van. I love backpacking through foreign countries like I did in Colombia and Costa Rica a few years ago. I may even live on a boat one day. Anything is possible. I love this saying I heard and wrote it on the border in my van: “Free to roam. All roads lead to home” 🌎

Red Rock Canyon and Las Vegas

I went on a hike in Red Rock Canyon yesterday and was going to stay the night on BLM land that was nearby but the road to the area was really rocky. My van is tough and has gone over some pretty rocky terrain but this road was even too rocky for Freebird. Las Vegas was nearby so I stayed overnight in the Bally’s hotel and casino parking lot in the heart of the strip for just $12, which I have done before. I enjoyed walking down the strip enjoying the lights and the energy of all the people around me. There was a lot of people celebrating the Chinese New Year. Some of the hotels and businesses decorated their buildings with the red Chinese New Year decor which was pretty. Today I met up with a friend at an RV park that her and her husband are staying at for the winter about a half hour from the strip. I met them at the van build party in Lake Havasu, Arizona and hung out with them at the RTR in Arizona. Super nice couple. They both work at Walmart for 6 months in Las Vegas for the Winter and at a Walmart for 6 months in Pennsylvania the rest of the year where they also stay at an RV park. My friend called the RV park they are staying at in Las Vegas as kind of ghetto but the price is good and it is close to their work. As I was riding around on her electric bike in the park I saw this drunk lady sitting on the ground with a bunch of stuff around her. She asked me to call her a cab because she just got kicked out of the RV she was staying in but the park manager said not to because the police were on the way for her. My friend said some of the guys at the park bring home women for the night that won’t leave (I assume because no home to go to) and they eventually have to kick them out. They even had a guy visiting there fall asleep in the clubhouse who then declared he now lived in the clubhouse. It took them three months to legally get him out of the clubhouse. Also while I was there this lady wearing tons of makeup, high heeled boots and a slutty outfit strutted by us. I said to my friend “she looks like a hooker” and my friend said “she is a hooker and there is another one that lives here too”. She said they go to the strip to work. Yep, definitely a ghetto RV park. It was entertaining though, like reality TV. It was also interesting to see another side of Las Vegas. I decided to not stay the night at ghetto park and drove my home to a local Walmart for the night where me and Freebird feel more at home🌛


Death Valley National Park, California

When I told my dad I was going to Death Valley National Park he said when I was little I went there and I declared it to be “boring!” Well times have changed and I found the park to be quite beautiful! I also like brocoli and spinach now too. I don’t even remember going to the park when I was little although I do remember enjoying our cross country RV trip that summer. When I was little I cared more about theme parks and swimming pools. Now I love exploring scenic deserts, beaches and forests. At the park I hiked Mosaic Canyon, walked across the Mesquite Sand Dunes, walked up to some scenic lookout points and went to Badwater Basin which has these cool salt flats that I walked across. I have always wanted to walk across a salt flat. I put my finger in the salt and ate some of it just for the heck if it, not from where people were walking on though. Badwater Basin is 282 feet below sea level and the lowest point in North America. Water from surrounding areas settles there and then evaporates leaving the salt. It is called Badwater because the water surrounding it is too salty for plant life or animal and human consumption. Borax also use to be mined in the area, which was sold for cleaning products and laundry detergent, which reminded me of when I was at White Sands National Monument in New Mexico and I found out the beautiful white sand dunes were made of gypsum which is used to make drywall. When I was in the park I laughed when I saw RVs crammed together on concrete in the campground when I camped for free just outside the park on a concrete pad far from my neighbors in a beautiful area. The place I camped at is nicknamed ‘the pads’ because of leftover pads of concrete from a trailer park that use to be there for the miners. Kind of reminds me of Slab City that has leftover slabs of concrete from a military base that was abandoned that I camped at. Even if the RVers in the campground didn’t have solar like me they could still go several days using their batteries to run lights, outlets, etc. and the RV fridges run on propane when not hooked up to electric. Seems like a waste of money to pay to be crammed in right next to other people when you can camp for free right outside the park entrance. I guess they don’t know any better. Thank you government for our BLM land that is free to camp on! 🏔⛺️