Traveling Solo Again and the Grand Canyon

I got the urge to wander again so I said goodbye to my campmates in Sedona and hit the road. Yesterday morning I woke up at the truckstop I slept at the night before just outside Flagstaff, Arizona to a temperature of 23° and ice on my windshield. I was going to continue driving west to lower elevation for warmer temperatures but then I realized the Grand Canyon was only one hour away. Although the temperatures are cold at night there too I couldn’t resist seeing the beauty of the Grand Canyon again, so that is where I went. I love that I can just do that. I also thought it wouldn’t be that busy there due to the weather and it not being the summer. I was wrong. I didn’t take into account that it’s spring break. Still not as busy as the summer though. I was in awe of the beauty of the Grand Canyon this time just the same as I was last time. I loved walking along the rim of the canyon with a view of the beautiful colors in the canyon and the Colorado river below, watching wild animals along the rim and watching the families on spring break having a good time. I always enjoy watching others have a good time. I feel their happy energy, which is why I also enjoy going to concerts and fun gatherings on my travels. I noticed that I didn’t have a fear of heights this time as much as the last time I was at the Grand Canyon. I faced my fear of heights traveling to some of the beautiful locations I have been to over the past year and every time it has lessened my fear. Last night I stayed overnight about a half mile outside the park for free in the beautiful forest at the same location I stayed at last time I was there 🌳