Playing with Spinners in a Step Van

I remember seeing spinner toys everywhere last year but didn’t really know what they were about or why they were so popular. Well last night I was hanging out in the step van (that use to be a bread truck) of one of my campmates and he brought out a huge box of spinners because he loves playing with them. The spinners he has are the collector spinners that are very nice. I picked up one of them to play with it and couldn’t put it done. There were five of us in the van playing with the spinners last night. It is very relaxing to spin the toy in your hand watching it and listening to the sounds it makes. They all look different and make different sounds. Watching and listening to the spinners was kind of meditative to me. A lot of people play with the spinners to help when they feel anxious and fidgety. I heard it helps people deal with stress instead of smoking, biting their nails, etc.