Potluck at Mindful Camp and Sedona Hiking

We had a nice potluck dinner at our campsite last night. This morning I skipped the group meditation. I have a hard time meditating in a group with my eyes closed for 20 minutes in total silence. I much prefer my solo walking meditation, so I did some solo hiking today. I have always preferred solo hiking because it’s my time for meditation and reflection. I think at first people get offended when I don’t want them to hike with me but then they understand when they get to know me. At our camp they have a support group for introverts every morning because I guess a lot of people that are part of this lifestyle are shy and introverted, which is the exact opposite of me. I am always very comfortable going up to strangers and talking to them on my travels. Although I am an extrovert I love my alone time very much. Today I went to the Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park. I enjoyed walking the trails with the prayer flags and Budhist shrines everywhere. It is such a peaceful place. They had a medicine wheel they made on the ground. You walk around the wheel and pray for guidance and clarity on something that you are trying to make a decision on. Several friends have hinted around to travel with me when I mentioned I am going to explore more of California, Washington and Oregon soon. I prefer traveling solo and then just meeting up with my fellow nomads every once in awhile but was contemplating whether I should travel with friends, so I walked the medicine wheel for guidance. It became clear to me at the end of the walk to travel solo because that is what I love. There is no reason for me to compromise the freedom I feel when I travel solo going where I want, when I want, staying how long I want with the freedom to change my mind. This is also why I have always been happier being single than being in a relationship. I always feel a loss of my freedom traveling with others or being in a relationship and having my freedom makes me very happy. Life is too short to not do what makes you the happiest 🌻