Mindful Camp and Tea Time

I am enjoying hanging out with everyone at Mindful Camp. It is nice to sit around a warm campfire on a cool night chit chatting with my campmates about our adventures on the road. I was only working part-time but my work has turned into full-time lately. I have corporate clients that send me continuous work. I never know what work is needed until I look at my emails. They have been keeping me so busy lately that I had to miss some of the meditation exercises at Mindful Camp and hiking with my campmates. Looking forward to retirement. I have been pretty much staying out here in the boonies up on this hill with my camp mates. I love our beautiful views of the Sedona red rocks. One of my campmates often serves tea in his step van that he lives in. He served tea at the Van Life gathering I went to in San Diego. His name is Seven and he has a YouTube channel called Seven Wanders the World. When his van is open for tea he puts out a sign that says Wandering Book Exchange and Tea House, so cool. 📚 ☕️