Montezuma Castle and Mindful Camp in Arizona

A couple of nights ago I stayed overnight in a casino parking lot with a lot of RVers and the next morning drove to Montezuma Castle National Monument which has 800 year old cliff dwellings. I bought a new America the Beautiful pass since my old one expired. The $80 annual pass covers admission to national parks and national monuments, which is so worth the price to me because I love going to those places. I left there and drove to Cottonwood, Arizona to buy groceries, do laundry, etc. I went to the Cottonwood Recreation Center and paid $7 for a day pass that covers working out at their gym, swimming in their pool, soaking in their hot tub and getting a hot shower in your own cabana, what a deal. Across the street at the library I downloaded a bunch of Netflix movies to my Ipad using their super fast wifi. I then drove about 25 minutes away to Mindful Camp that a full-time RVer started on BLM land that is free to camp on in Sedona, Arizona, which is supposed to be a very spiritual place. I really enjoy traveling and camping by myself but I also enjoy camping with people that are like me to get my sense of community. I am camping mostly with people I already know from my travels over the past year. We have group meditation everyday at 1pm in which we sit in a circle with our eyes closed and meditate, which is a little hard for me. I meditate best by myself walking in nature. On my walks I focus on the beauty around me and I will often stop, close my eyes and then focus on what I hear like birds or the wind. I then focus on what I feel like the wind and sun on my skin. I then focus on what I smell like grass or flowers and then open my eyes to see what I have been hearing, feeling and smelling, which always makes me smile. Meditation is really just about focusing on the present moment instead of thinking about the past or the future. I can only do it for a little while and then my mind starts wandering and I have to bring myself back to the present moment. When I am in that moment though I am in total peace. It has been chilly lately. I woke up to snow falling outside of my van yesterday. I ran outside to stand in the snow because I thought it was pretty cool since I am not use to snow. This morning I woke up to hot air balloons floating by in the distance. We are camped in a beautiful spot on a hill top. My home has a beautiful backyard right now, which it often does 🌄