Hospital Parking Lot and Being a Minimalist

Yesterday I drove to town to run errands and was then planning on heading to my next destination. One of the errands was picking up my work mail that was being forwarded to me that I ended up having to wait until today to be delivered. Instead of taking the long drive back into the forest to just leave again this morning I decided to stealth park at the hospital I was near since I have heard of other van dwellers overnighting at hospitals since they are open 24 hours a day. For all the hospital employees know I could be a visitor or a patient. If the parking was limited I wouldn’t have done it but there was plenty of parking. I only heard a couple of ambulance sirens before I went to sleep and the sound machine app on my phone must have drowned out any during the night because I slept great. I woke up to a temperature of 30 degrees. My sleeping bag and layered clothes kept me warm. Also, I made a bedroom in my van by hanging a thick blanket which helped due to my body heat and warm breath warming up the smaller space. As I was laying in bed looking at my bedroom wall I thought “I could live in a space this size”. Since living in my van I have thought several times I could easily live in a smaller cargo van, which I almost bought. I have a lot of space I don’t use mainly because my bed is small since I am only 5’2″. I took an electric knife to my all foam queen size bed I had before the van to make it to just fit me in the van. I knew if I ended up with a boyfriend on the road, which I have, I wanted an excuse for them to not sleep in my bed because I can’t sleep with someone in my bed. When I had my 5th wheel RV that I lived and traveled in full-time for 2 1/2 years I often felt that it was too big. I only bought it to have the bunk bed for my son because he lived with me half the time. I ended up giving my son the bedroom because it was important to him and I was perfectly happy with the bunk bed. In our culture we are brought up to believe owning a home is the American dream and bigger is better. I believe most people buy big houses to impress other people and to also hold all of their material possessions, most that they don’t even use.  I have never been that way. My attorney income could have easily afforded me a very large house but I bought a small 2 bedroom house and then a 2 bedroom condo because that is all I needed for me and my son. I became an attorney mainly to have a good income to travel a lot. Traveling has been my passion since my early 20s when I lived in England as an exchange student. I knew I was different when all the other exchange students in the international dorm I lived in wanted to go back to their home countries after the school year was over because they were homesick and all I wanted to do was travel through the rest of Europe, which I did. I pretty much raised my son taking cruises in the Caribbean and also to Europe, Japan and China. I love living in my van for travel, adventure, camping out in nature and the freedom it provides to me. I now realize the reason it also works out perfectly for me is because I am a true minimalist. Even other van dwellers are surprised at the extra space I have in my van because a lot of their vans look cluttered and several of them pay to keep their possessions in storage that they obviously don’t need because they are in storage. Everthing I own is in my van except for a small box of photos and family mementos that are in my aunt’s attic. I like the saying I heard awhile back: “Don’t let your possessions possess you”. I don’t know why I am not the norm with wanting a large home and lots of material possessions but I am grateful to be a true minimalist. It fits perfectly with this lifestyle that I love so much 😊