Lost in the Right Direction

I had a friend camp with me last night that left this morning. Yesterday before my friend got here I hiked in the valley below my campsite and stumbled onto a great trail that I followed to the main road so I would know where to find it again. Today I hiked the same trail far down the mountain crisscrossing many other trails. After hiking several switchbacks up the mountain on the way back to camp the terrain became unfamiliar to me and I realized I was lost. I didn’t mind though because I knew I had cell service and navigation on my phone. It was a beautiful detour hiking the edge of the mountain. I looked at the navigation on my phone and I could see the many trails on it so I eventually found my way to a trail that took me to the main road. It was defintely the long way around to get back to camp but it was a beautiful hike and a great workout. I realize now I need to pick up a trail map from the forest service whenever I go to a new forest that I want to hike in because I may not always be able to rely on my phone. If I didn’t have my phone with me today I probably would have blazed my own trail climbing straight up the mountain since I knew my campsite and the main road were up there. I always try to remember to bring a fully charged phone, bear spray, water and snacks with me hiking to plan for the unexpected. I really love my campsite and the beautiful sunsets I have been watching from it 🌄