Back to the Forest 🌳

I headed back into Prescott National Forest yesterday since the weekenders went home, so I could find a good campsite. I found a great campsite up on a mountain with a view of the other mountains and Thumb Butte behind my campsite with my neighbors so far away that I can’t see or hear them, just the way I like it. No generator noise to worry about. I have a friend joining me today. A lot of dispersed camping is far from town so sometimes my cell service is spotty or non-existant but I have great cell service here since not too far from town. I mainly need cell service for work. Otherwise I don’t mind doing without it for several days. Sometimes people camping in the free dispersed camping do not clean up their campsite before leaving. I made a glove out of a garbage bag and cleaned up my site which I often do to leave it cleaner than I found it. Among the trash was some underwear and lots of used toilet paper at the back of the campsite, eew! I left the garbage bag by a tree to take it to town when I leave. I don’t mind taking a few minutes to clean up my campsite if trash is left behind, especially considering I am camping for free. I watched a beautiful sunset last night while meditating and sitting on a rock that I am now calling my meditation rock. This morning I watched a beautiful sunrise while sipping my coffee, listening to the birds chirping and the coyotes howling in the distance with a big smile on my face 😊