Hiking, Climbing Boulders and Sleeping in a Parking Lot

I spent the day at a park on Willow Lake in Prescott, Arizona with views of my temporary lakefront property from my van windows. Almost all of the parks here charge an entrance fee but the fee is usually just $2 or $3 for the entire day. I like spending my days at nice parks or other outdoor areas and then in the evening just find somewhere to stealth park for the night. All I need is a parking space for my van. I stayed in the parking lot of an apartment complex last night  and am staying at the same one tonight. Super quiet place. I always look at other vehicles to make sure I don’t need a parking sticker. As I was pulling into my parking spot tonight I said to myself “looks like home to me” which is what I always say when I pull into my spot for the night. I don’t even remember when I started saying that to myself but I wrote that saying on the border in my van. This morning I took a walk around Willow Lake. I enjoyed listening to the birds chirp and meeting some of the locals taking a walk too. I sat at a picnic table in my own little pavillion and ate lunch while looking out at the lake thinking how lucky I am that I can do these kind of things everyday and not just on the weekends like most people. This afternoon I hiked a trail that goes through the park. Part of it was hiking a dirt trail and part of it was climbing over these huge boulders. I had to follow the painted white dots on the boulders to stay on the trail. I enjoyed my hike and especially climbing those huge boulders. I defintely want to do that again🚶‍♀️