Prescott, Arizona

Over the last couple of days I have been exploring Prescott (pronounced Preskit), Arizona. Yesterday I hiked four miles and then camped overnight for free in the Prescott National Forest. At most national forests you can camp anywhere. However, some national forests that are really popular because near popular cities post signs that you can only camp in their designated campsites, still free. The only forests I have camped at that are like this is in the forest near Aspen, Colorado this past summer and the one near Prescott. I was lucky to get the last site that was available last night. I think it was available because the campsite next to it had people that ran a very loud generator almost all day and night, so I just stayed for one night and found a stealth spot in town for tonight that is very quiet. This is why I don’t like camping in designated areas that are close to others but it is rare that I have to when in the national forests. The site was nice though. I don’t understand the people that go camping just to run their generator most of the time so they can stay inside watching TV, etc. My solar panels power what I need and I love exploring the outdoors. I explored Lynx Lake yesterday and today I hiked the trails around beautiful Watson Lake. I had fun climbing all of the boulders there. Afterwards I hung out in my van for awhile with a view of the non-boulder part of the lake from my van windows. It was cloudy today and now it is raining. I like the relaxing sounds of the rain on my van roof 🌧