Snow, a Hot Shower and Working at a Truckstop

As I was headed to my next destination I  saw flakes of white stuff hitting my windshield. It took me a minute to register that it was snow. I just wasn’t thinking about driving through an area that has snow to get to a destination that doesn’t when not that far away. I was raised where there is no snow so I’m not use to that. Kind of freaked me out as I have never driven through snow before. It was a light icey snowfall although it caused traffic to slow down. Today I took a hot shower at the truck stop I stayed at last night. It was my first hot shower in over a month. I’ve been doing a lot of urban parking with my van and in the cities I have been to there hasn’t been any truckstops to get showers. If I was going to be in the urban areas longer I would have purchased a gym membership since gyms have showers. A lot of urban van dwellers purchase gym memberships mainly for that reason. Over the last month I’ve been taking cold showers at the beach or washing my hair in my sink and then using baby wipes and a sponge bath for the rest of me. Flying J Truckstops have the best showers. You get your own bathroom with a vanity, toilet and sitting area and a huge shower that is very clean and better than most peoples bathrooms in their houses. They give you soap and towels like a hotel does and they have music playing for you. Now that I am back on the road I should have no problem finding truckstops with hot showers. I really enjoyed the long hot shower I took. It’s the simple things in life that bring the most pleasure.  I have been hanging out at the truck stop all day because I’m trying to get caught up with work while I have cell service and therefore internet because where I’m headed I’m told has spotty cell service if any at all. One of the downsides to working remotely on the road is that I need decent cell service because I use my phone as a hot spot for the internet so I can work. If I don’t blog for the next several days it is because I don’t have cell service 📱