All Beached Out

Over the last several days I have been to several California beach towns. Laguna Beach was beautiful. I enjoyed walking on the boardwalk in Newport Beach. Huntington Beach is pretty nice too. I have been doing my urban camping on residential streets like I did in San Diego. There is lots of street parking in California. I try not to park directly in front of someone’s house because they often feel that is their area even though they don’t own the street. A lot of homes here don’t have driveways to park on. I don’t want to give them a reason to call the police if they suspect I am sleeping in my van since illegal to in most beach towns. Since I am in a cargo van though most people don’t suspect anything. Worst case scenario I have to pay a ticket usually only around $50 which is no big deal to me, especially since I don’t pay rent or a mortgage. As much as I love the beach and parking my home just blocks from the beach over the past three weeks I am ready to move on to a different backyard. A forest or a desert maybe 🌳🌵