Meeting Family

Today I met a family member that I have never met before. My second cousin that I visited while traveling in my van in Michigan that I saw for the first time in over twenty years texted me to see where I was at as she often does. After I texted her back that I was in San Diego she texted me back “Shut up! My niece lives there in her van!” I did remember hearing that her niece lives in her van from her mom when I met her mom in Michigan but I didn’t remember where she said she lived. Her mom was married to my late other second cousin (I think I got that right). I think that makes my second cousin’s niece and my other second cousin’s daughter my third cousin, not sure though. Anyway I finally met Julia today at the beach. She didn’t have her van with her because it needs a new battery but I showed her my van. Julia and her boyfriend were super nice. I am so glad I met them. It is nice to know there is another van dweller in our family that also enjoys a life of simplicity, exploring new places and adventure. I told Julia I always like to take pictures of views out my back van doors with my van doors in the picture and she said she does the same thing and texted me the last two pictures below of places she has had views of outside her back van doors. When I set off on my van adventure over a year ago I wasn’t thinking about looking up family members I have never met before or haven’t seen in decades but it has been a nice addition to my adventures traveling in my van 🚐