Still Stealthin’ it in San Diego

I spent Thursday through Sunday in the Pacific Beach section of San Diego stealth parked on a street a few blocks from the beach. On Saturday I met up with an ex-boyfriend and his friend for a walk on the boardwalk. I spent yesterday on Fiesta Island on the bay. I blasted my music with my van doors open to the bay. I missed being loud and having my van doors open. Sleeping overnight on city streets where it is not allowed requires me to be quiet with my van doors closed. Last night I stealth parked not far from Fiesta Island in a college neighborhood. This morning I took a hike in the mountains and then drove downtown to Seaport Village on the bay for lunch. Tonight I met up with a friend I met over a year ago at the last RTR and with friends I met recently in Slab City. We all live full-time in our vans.  I started this blog keeping pictures of me off the blog on the slim chance a client would see it and then realized I was being too paranoid so I started putting pictures of me on here. But then when I was in New Hampshire I met this lady who recognized me from my blog so I took all of my pictures off here. Well now I am back to not being paranoid anymore and basically not caring if clients see this blog. The bottom line is that I can do my job just as easily working from my van while traveling as I would sitting in an office and hopefully they would realize that too. My favorite way to wear my hair now is putting my hair in braids because it works great for van dwellers like me that haven’t washed their hair in awhile. It got super windy and cold here today. I am warm now snuggled up in my sleeping bag stealth parked for the night getting ready to dig into some girl scout cookies I bought earlier 🍪