Cliff Hiking and Sea Lions in San Diego

I am really enjoying San Diego. A couple of nights ago I stayed overnight on a residential street in a really nice neighborhood in Sunset Cliffs. The next morning I drove a block away to the Sunset Cliffs Natural Park and backed up my van and opened my back van doors to enjoy a view of the ocean while working. At 9am the university higher up on the hill played Star Spangled Banner on their loud speaker, which I guess they do every morning. As I was listening to the song and looking out at the ocean I thought my life is awesome and we live in such a beautiful country. After I was done with work I took a long hike along the cliffs climbing over a lot of rocks which I enjoyed. Today I saw the sea lions at La Jolla Cove. They were so cute pointing their noses to the sun and they made cute sounds. As I was driving this winding road in La Jolla I saw an area I could pull over at that had stairs going down to the ocean off of the cliff so I parked, walked down the stairs and walked on the beach below and walked over all these rocks. I then found a nice parking spot on Mission Bay at this park and backed up my van to have a great view of the bay and boats going by out my back windows while I got some work done. I have had some great views from my office/home/van lately 🏖⛵️