I ❤️ San Diego

San Diego is one of my favorite cities. There are beautiful beaches, cliffs, laid back beach towns, lots of outdoor areas to explore, lots of free overnight parking for me to stealth park and nice locals. For the last four nights I slept in my van on residential streets only a block from Ocean Beach which is a laid back cute beach town. There are tons of van dwellers here, most young surfer hippy types. I met one of them. They hang out in the beach parking lots in the daytime to surf and then drive to the residential areas to sleep in their vans overnight on the street since the beach parking lots don’t allow you to park 2am to 4am. You are not supposed to sleep overnight in your vehicles but the police don’t enforce it unless you are causing problems. I still keep it on the down low so I don’t have to worry about moving. The first three nights I stayed in the same spot on the street because I could walk to the beach, stores and restaurants. It was in the younger party crowd section close to the bars so a little loud on the weekend. I was in my van and heard this guy yell to his friends “I have to pee. I am going to hide behind this van”. I tried not to laugh too loud when I heard him peeing next to my van. I thought it would be funny to open my door and freak him out but then he might of been startled and peed on me. Non van dwellers don’t expect anyone to be in a cargo van late at night. Since being mobile allows me to change neighborhoods when I feel like it I moved to a quite family neighborhood last night. In Ocean Beach I got a tattoo of a bird to symbolize being free as a bird traveling in my van and a butterfly in memory of my mom who loved butterflies because they represent a new beginning. I wanted the tattoo for awhile now and finally found a tattoo artist whose work I loved. I am super happy with how the tattoo came out. Buying marijuana for recreational purposes (not just medical) became legal in California on January 1, 2018. As I was walking down the street a huge bus stopped to take tourists for free to their marijuana dispensary since there were none on the beach. I already bought some at a dispensary in another part of California. Hey its legal!😁 I did the same thing in Colorado where it is legal. Today I explored the beautiful Sunset Cliffs. I backed up my van to have a nice view of the cliffs and the ocean out my back windows while I got some work done. I couldn’t ask for a better office view. I then took a nice long walk along the cliffs. What a wonderful life!