San Diego Beaches

The last two nights I parked overnight on a street that was only a one minute walk to Imperial Beach next to a wildlife area with a view of  Tijuana, Mexico in the distance on the hillside. The only downside is the sound  of helicopters in the area watching the border since the area is backed up right next to it. You are allowed to park overnight but your are not allowed to sleep overnight in your vehicle so I put my black cardboard cutouts in the windows and used a dimmer light at night. Today I spent the day parked right next to the beach in Coronado. I enjoyed walking around town and checking out the beautiful Coronado hotel and marina that I have only seen in pictures until now. I tried swimming but it was too cold. I took advantage of the shower in the beach bathroom to wash my hair. I seize opportunities when they are presented to me. You are not allowed to park overnight on Coronado beach so I just drove a few minutes down the road to park on a residential street. I have to keep it on the down low that sleeping in the van again since not allowed to do that here either. At night is when I play on the internet and watch tv shows or movies on Netflix with my computer and earphones. I have enjoyed walking on the beach everyday. It has been nice to be on the beach since I have only been in the desert the last four months. I think it is funny that I have been sleeping in my van for free just minutes from the beach next to all these expensive homes. I would much rather sleep in my van than in any of those expensive homes because my van bed is comfy and my home has wheels to take me somewhere new and exciting whenever I feel like it! 🚐