I am Leaving Slab City Tomorrow??

When I first started camping with the group I am in at Slab City, California someone in our group everyday would say they were leaving the next day to go to a specific destination. I said several times I was going to Baja, Mexico with a caravan I found, Holtville Hot Springs or San Diego but a week later I am still here and so is everyone else in our camp. We started setting up hammocks between our vans in our circle that we made and stopped talking about leaving. We are enjoying concerts and campfire parties in our area which is the nicest part of the slabs. Last night we went to a local camp run by a nice lady called Dreamcatcher whose camp is called Wanderland with a platform with lights strung everywhere and dilapated RVs surrounding it probably going back to the 70s that haven’t moved in decades with a disco ball in the middle, cool music and very unique locals hanging out. After we got back to our camp there was a loud explosion and a huge fire right next to the camp we just left. Against my better judgment I walked over there with three others and we ended up in a bad area with shacks and what they call ‘zombies’ here (drugged up tweaker meth heads) coming out of the woodwork and people yelling at us for walking in their ‘yards’. I kept telling our group to stick to the streets and they wouldn’t listen to me and I didn’t want to walk the desert streets alone. People create their yards out here with rocks, tires and other nearby garbage (no trash pick up in Slab City) to mark their property boundaries that they take seriously. We got back safely to our camp and I vowed to stick to the main desert streets, preferably in the daytime, with large groups from now on. The firefighters had a hard time containing the fire. The explosion was caused by someone lighting their propane heater that ended up burning down their trailer and a lot of the area around it. I was glad to hear the guy got out okay. Just another crazy day in Slab City. I plan on leaving Monday to go to San Diego, but plans are never taken too seriously around here. One of the many joys of this nomadic lifestyle is the many choices we have such as where we want to go, how long we want to stay there and where we want to go next🗺