Crazy Slab City

I have been in Slab City, California for several days now. I was here last year at this time. There is a lot of us camping together. This place is an abandoned military base that has left over slabs of concrete everywhere. People just moved out here and live in shacks, RVs, vans, cars, tents or just under trees. There are lots of homeless people living out here or as a friend of mine says ‘homeless homeless’ since some consider people like us living in vans as ‘homeless’. Some have made elaborate camps and established businesses out here. Friday night we went to a disco somebody set up on their patch of dirt, which was lots of fun. I went to East Jesus which is an area of Slab City with outdoor artwork. I noticed they added a lot of new crazy artwork. There are some scary looking people out here and some you can tell have done a lot of drugs during their lifetime and some with mental illnesses. One of my campmates (we are all parked in a circle together) brought back this young guy that lives in his Mercedes near the hot springs (also known as hippy broth). He was saying all this crazy stuff at the campfire including saying that if he was hungry enough he would hunt down humans and eat them and leave the animals alone because humans are bad. It was pretty creepy. We immediately offered him some food to eat. There is what everybody here is calling a ‘meth camp’ not far from my van. This place is crazy out here but were in a group so we are good🌵IMG_2583IMG_2587IMG_2588IMG_2589IMG_2591IMG_2593IMG_2594IMG_2602IMG_2604