The Party Has Ended

I had a great time. There was so much going on I couldn’t participate in everything plus I had to work in the daytime. There was lots of great seminars. I went to art camp and made a voodoo doll and I went to a drum circle and danced to the drums. I went to a ton of delicious potluck dinners. I just came back from a bonfire that some people invited me to and was talking to a truck driver that just pulled in with his truck and trailer that he lives full-time in. If I could drive many hours in a day I wouldn’t mind being a truck driver. They can pick jobs going to places they want to go to. I am leaving tomorrow to go somewhere in California, not sure where yet. Possibly Joshua Tree National Park again or to some hot springs in California that some friends invited me to or straight to Slab City in California. I love that I have all these great places I can go to and can just decide when I wake up which one I want to go to 🌺