Rubber Tramp Rendezvous

I am having so much fun at the RTR in Quartzsite, Arizona. The amount of people here has at least tripled since last year when I was here. The majority of  people here live full-time in their vehicles like me. It’s like a big reunion running into all the people I met on the road over the past year and from the RTR last year. We have one camp we frequent often that always has acoustic jam sessions with really talented musicians. A couple of other campsites have dance parties. One person had a big dance party in front of his school bus he lives on with all kinds of cool flashing lights. Last night someone set up a karaoke machine in front of his RV which was so much fun. As usual I danced a lot since I’ve been here. I also handed out a lot of candy to people like I did last year. Someone here referred to me as ‘the girl with moves and lollipops’. Another person set up a movie theater at her campsite for everyone to watch movies and concerts on the side of her white cargo van. There is no trash pick up here in the desert so someone drove around in his pick up truck asking everybody for their garbage to take to town, which I thought was pretty cool. Last year they only had one free pile. This year they had three free piles where you throw stuff on a tarp that you don’t want and other people come by and take what they want. I couldn’t ask for a better life. I get to travel all year, go to cool events and hang out with cool people!❤️