Desert Oasis

I love our desert oasis in Arizona. I am camping with four friends and I have several more friends camping down the road. I recently met some of these friends but feel like I’ve known them forever because of our common bond of living a life of simplicity, adventure and enjoying the outdoors. I will never get tired of the beautiful sunsets out here. There is a 14 day limit on BLM land that’s free to camp on. We are camping on an area of BLM land that’s usually not patrolled by the BLM rangers. However, everything changed yesterday when several BLM rangers and several Sheriff vehicles rolled into the desert. They told people they can’t stay more than 14 days. They drove by slowly and gave us an unfriendly stare down and were seen taking pictures of several people’s vehicles. Too many people on YouTube talked about how there’s no enforcement out here and I think law enforcement picked up on it. A lot of people think that if we stay out here too long we’re going to trash the place. We are model desert citizens out here. Everyone I hang out with packs out their trash and brings it to a dumpster in town. I usually never want to stay anywhere 14 days but this is an area where everybody gathers before the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous next month in Quartzsite, Arizona so we usually stay longer than 14 days. However, I will find somewhere to go for about a week  before the RTR so I don’t stay past 14 days. I think I’ll be ready to take off somewhere in a few weeks anyway for some alone time before the RTR which is mad crazy busy with lots of nomads and awesome! A friend of mine and another guy are starting a singles New Year’s eve party out here in the desert of which I promised my friend I would go. Parties in the desert are way better than parties in a nightclub! 🌵💃