Perfecting the Hobo Shower

I usually use baby wipes or a washcloth sponge bath from my van sink to keep clean but every 3-4 days I really need to wash my hair and truckstops and other places that have showers aren’t always that convenient. I tried washing my hair in my van sink but that’s pretty messy and I’ve used a water jug with holes poked in the cap outside to wash my hair but since other people may be around I have to wear clothes. Also, cold weather is approaching which makes it a little cold to wash my hair outside. After a year of being on the road I finally created a shower that I really like. I got the idea online to use a hula hoop to hold up the shower curtain and then I just used the clips from the shower curtain to clip the whole thing to my thick picture frame wiring that I use for my van curtains. I then put a bin underneath to catch the water and to sit in. I then use the water jug with the cap with holes in it to hold over my head to get it wet to shampoo and then rinse. The bin is like a little mini bathtub to wash up in. Afterwards I just dump the water outside which is right by the door so convenient and the fabric shower curtain dries really quickly. I love the simplicity of it all and I am small so it works great for me! 💦