Camping on the Colorado River in Arizona

I enjoyed camping for free with friends on the Colorado river this past week. We didn’t have any wood for a campfire last night so someone took a tripod that you use for cooking over a campfire and wrapped Christmas lights around it and put it in the middle, so that was our ‘campfire’ for the night. I met a nice couple at the river traveling around in a truck camper that belonged to their son who recently committed suicide. Their son didn’t travel in it so they decided to travel in it with their son’s dog to honor their son. The dad drew his son’s initials and artwork all over the truck camper. I can’t imagine losing my son. I feel so bad for the couple but it is nice they are taking the trip in their son’s honor and hopefully will help heal through it. Being in nature is very therapeutic. It was getting pretty crowded on the river so I moved to a nearby location in Arizona and am camping with different friends, one which I haven’t seen since the summer. It is always nice to meet up with my nomadic friends again 🌺