Living in a Van Down by the River in Arizona

I enjoyed camping with friends outside of Joshua Tree National Park in California on BLM land. We parked in a circle with our homes and had a campfire in the middle. There was a ranch nearby that was kind of stinky though. One of the girls camping with us is a survivalist instructor. While sitting around the campfire we watched an episode of Bushcraft Build-off that she was on and won that recently aired on the Discovery channel. When I lived in a stationary home I watched a lot of survival shows so I thought it is pretty cool to know somebody that was on one. I am now camping with other friends living in my van down by the river in Arizona. Unfortunately there is some shady looking homeless people living here too we keep seeing walking down the road with these carts that look like their drugged up on something bad. One of our crew that wanted to camp alone further down the road had their solar suitcase (portable solar panel kit) they had sitting outside stolen and we think these guys did it. I have my solar panels bolted to my van roof. The free camping on BLM land is open to everyone including the criminals and there’s nothing we can do about it. I always lock up everything to be on the safe side. Last night we went into town to watch some of our friends sing at karaoke night at a pizza place. It is sometimes nice to get away from camp and do things like that. I am having fun at my home with a river view🏞