Joshua Tree and Mountain Sunset

This past week I was camping by myself on BLM land outside Joshua Tree National Park in California enjoying my alone time. A few days ago when I was at my campsite in my van I heard someone call out my name which was someone I met in Arizona at the Van Build party. I thought I had a pretty run-of-the-mill white cargo van to stay incognito but he recognized it with my license plate and this reflectix strips I have on the back. Since I was ready to socialize again I met up with him for a sunset hike yesterday in the park and am now camping with him and some other people I met from the Van Build party along with this one guy’s dad who joined the group in his RV. We are camping on BLM land on the other side of the national park. Before we met up for the sunset hike I went to the cactus garden in the park, ‘skull rock’ which is a cool rock that looks like a skull and some other really cool rock formations hiking over the rocks. We walked up the side of very steep Ryan Mountain to watch the sunset. I almost gave up halfway up because it was very strenuous walking up all of these rocks at a very steep incline but then I decided I wanted to keep going. I made it to the top and the view was amazing! We ended up walking down half the way in the dark with a flashlight between us which made me realize I really like night time hiking. I will have to get one of those head lamps so I can night hike again🌛