I Love Living in My Van!

There are people like me living in their vans or RVs by choice because they love adventure, traveling, living the simple life and not the materialistic life and don’t feel like they have to conform to society’s expectations. However, there’s also people living in their vans or RVs because they have no choice because of financial reasons. There are a lot of people on disability benefits that can only afford to live in a van or RV and park overnight for free on city streets, out in the desert, etc. because no rent or mortgage or utility bills to pay. I hang out with both types of people but then there are those that don’t travel at all that are stuck in one city all the time that don’t like living in a van such as some people I met yesterday. I was parked outside a store in town and there was these young hippie looking guys in a beat up van that it was obvious they were living in. One of the guys was asking me questions about my van. I told him it was a cargo van converted to a camper inside that I live in. He then said ‘I am sorry that you have to live in your van’. I said ‘I love living in my van!’ He then said ‘well maybe one day you will get to live in a house’. I said ‘you couldn’t pay me to live in a house and I can afford to live in a house. I have traveled all over the U.S. and have gone to a ton of national parks over the past year in my van. I love living in my van!’ He then said ‘well maybe you can upgrade one day’. I didn’t know if he meant the type of vehicle or to a house. I just laughed and wished him a good day and left. He just didn’t get it. I guess if you can’t afford to travel or even have enough gas money to get to the pretty boondocking sites I camp at away from the cities you wouldn’t enjoy living in a van that much and that must’ve been these guys. Last night me and some of my campmates were sitting outside their RV watching the moon rising above the desert on one side of us and then turned around to see the beautiful view of the sun setting on the other side of us, commenting on how awesome our life is and what great views we have from our homes. I love living in my van! šŸš