More Arizona Desert Camping

I moved on to a new location in Arizona where I am still camping for free. Arizona is going to most likely be my winter home from now on. I love being a snowbird going where I want for the winter. Since I have wandered almost all of the U.S. over the past year I am slowing it down now and am going to stay at places longer so may not blog as much. I am camping with friends I have met along the way and with some new people I just met. I always go up to my neighbors if they happen to be outside and introduce myself if I don’t know them. I always like knowing who is around me and if I get a bad vibe I will stay away from them or move to another spot. Most of the time I feel good vibes only. The known rule in our community of nomads is that you do not go up to someone’s home and knock on the door. You wait until they are outside to talk to them especially if you have never met before. I Just took a long walk. I never thought I would love the desert so much but I do. Beautiful sunsets here too! 🏜