Thanksgiving in the Desert and a Thief Amongst Us

After Las Vegas I headed back to Arizona to hang out with the same people I was hanging out with before Las Vegas at the third location due to everyone being kicked out of the other two locations for not having proper permits since a large group. The sunsets out here are beautiful. We had a huge Thanksgiving potluck lunch and an acoustic jam session that evening with some great singers and guitar players. 99.99% of the people I hang out with at these gatherings are good people that you can trust. Unfortunately someone wandered into our camp that I’m told stole medication from a guy recovering from cancer so that he could get high and was also caught rummaging through someone else’s RV.  The guy got a ride there so I’m told a couple of people drove him away from our area to another part of the desert and left him there but not before beating him up and burning his clothes. Most people I hang out with wouldn’t beat someone up and burn their clothes so I’m not sure who did that but I don’t agree with the vigilante justice. Most people leave their doors unlocked and open all day and at night but I always leave my van locked when I’m not in it and at night time because of the less than 1% that you can’t trust. Just like in any city we still have to be careful out here in the desert 🌵