Last Night in Las Vegas

We coordinated our Las Vegas trip with the LDI convention which is a live production convention for people like my son that work in the industry as lighting technicians, stage staff, riggers, etc. that work at nightclubs, Las Vegas shows, concerts, cruise ships, corporate events and other events. My son runs lights, lasers and the fog machine for bands and for shows on a cruise ship. He is on a two month break between contracts right now. They give a 7 month contract where you have to work every day and then 2 months off before the next 7 month contract. My son took classes during the week and I just went to the exhibit hall and live events they had outside this weekend. They showcased the latest lights, dance floors that light up, lasers, fog machines, stage equipment, rigging equipment, lighting consoles and other equipment. It was nice to learn more about what my son does for a living. Friday night they had a live hip hop artist and a rock band outside. Afterwards walking back to our hotel we stopped to listen to a great rock band set up on the ‘Brooklyn Bridge’ at the New York New, York resort. Last night at the convention they had a dj playing music outside and an awesome laser light show in an attempt to win the Guinness World Record for the largest laser light show in the world, which they won. A representative from Guinness was there to present them with the award. It was cool to be part of that. Tonight is our last night in Las Vegas. We are going to end it with a feast at a buffet restaurant because you gotta do a buffet when in Las Vegas 🌮🌯🍕🍞🍰IMG_1693IMG_1696IMG_1707IMG_1715IMG_1717IMG_1720