Las Vegas

I am enjoying spending time with my son in Las Vegas. The last time I came to Las Vegas I just slept in my van in the parking lot of one of the hotels but I got a hotel room this time since my son is with me. I did not enjoy the many times I had to take the long walk to my van to get things I kept forgeting. We are staying at the Luxor hotel which is a hotel that looks like an egyptian pyramid with a super bright light on top that I remember seeing about 45 minutes away when camping on Lake Mead earlier this year. I thought the shootings last month happened across from Mandalay Bay which is next door but the tragedy actually occurred in front of the Luxor and our view from our hotel room looks right at it. It made me very sad at first to look out the window and see where the tragedies took place but it also reminds me to enjoy everyday as if it was my last and to not live in fear or in the past, because you never know what can happen. My son and I enjoyed walking up and down the Las Vegas strip and checking out the Bellagio fountains, Ceasar’s Palace, New York New York, Excalibur and the other resorts and seeing all the lights of Las Vegas. My son is going on an ATV tour tomorrow through the desert. I am too sore to go from all the walking to my van and walking up and down the strip and I need to be responsible and get some work done ⚖️