New Location and Putting Myself on Lockdown

We had to move from our old location on Arizona Trust Land to a new location that is on BLM land. I stayed at the old location an extra night because I had my land trust pass and since there was less than 20 of us that stayed we didn’t need a permit. I had to catch up on work plus I enjoyed the peace and quiet. I got to the new location yesterday and put myself on lockdown until 5 pm to catch up on work today. I didn’t even let myself step out of the van until then and told everybody the night before I needed to work all day which they respected. It is hard to work when you’re having fun in the desert with your friends but at least I had a nice view of the mountains and desert from my van windows while working. Before I left the other location my battery died because I left the key in the ignition turned on all day. My friend that was still there jumpstarted my battery with this little Viking kit that you don’t even need a car to do it with so I went out and I bought the kit because I thought what if I was there by myself. I could call AAA since I had phone service there but a lot of times I am camping by myself out in the desert or forest with no cell service so I am glad I have the kit now so I can jumpstart my own car now. AAA might not even go to some of the places I go to even if I had cell service. I also bought this wrap that goes around the front of my van windows that someone was selling here that provides more privacy and keeps the sun out more. I’ve been wanting to get one. I watched a beautiful sunset with my fellow nomads tonight 🌄