I Love Our Hippy Hobo Family and Police Visit

A friend came to my van yesterday morning with a big smile on her face and said to me “I love our hippy hobo family” and I was like “me too!” Such an awesome group of people here with a giving spirit that want to help each other. Today there was a lot of volunteers putting in a handicap ramp in the back of this guy’s van and a few people helped me figure out why my solar panels weren’t charging my batteries that great but everything is good now. It is hard for me to volunteer labor to help people with their renovations of their vans with neck and back issues from my car accident I had years ago which means I shouldn’t be dancing so much also but I can’t help it. I love to dance! So instead  of volunteering labor I’ve been bringing food to the volunteers. I’m gonna pay for a big pizza party for the volunteers next week. Last night we had a big dance party around the campfire and the police showed up and said they had orders to make us immediately vacate the property because they said it’s not on BLM land which is free to camp on but on Arizona Trust Land. However, for the weekend we were able to resolve the issue by just all going online and paying for a $15 permit to park on the trust land but when the trust land office opens in the morning the police are going to find out if we can still be here because such a large group but atleast we got to stay and party on! We are moving to a second location that someone found on BLM land if we have to leave tomorrow. Not a big deal to just drive the van to a new nearby location. There are a lot of people here with dogs and something new to me someone traveling with a cockatoo and another with a pet turtle named Skippy. Tonight we’re having an acoustic jam session. I am really looking forward to it 🎼