Fun in the Desert!

I am having so much fun at our desert gathering. I got here on halloween night and handed out candy to everyone at their campsites. I went up to this one RV because everybody said there was kids in it and I yelled out ‘trick-or-treat’ and they wouldn’t come to the door because they thought I wanted candy and they didn’t have any. So then I yelled out ‘reverse trick-or-treat. I have candy!’ and they answered the door and we’re happy to get the candy. I have fun being a candy girl 🍭 There are a lot of people here that just started out on the road full-time in their homes on wheels that didn’t know anyone here. A friend and I were talking to this new guy and he kept refering to everyone as me and my friend’s group so I told him ‘you are part of our group now’. Later that day he came up to me and said that made him very happy which of course made me very happy 😊 I think everybody wants to feel they belong somewhere. I definitely feel this is the group of people I belong to. A good friend of mine showed up today so I was very happy to see her. There’s so many cool vans and RVs here. There’s this one RV that the owners painted artwork all over it and glued glass beads in pretty patterns all over it and their matching car. So cool! There are lots of former school buses here converted or being converted to RVs. Apparently they’re pretty cheap to buy after the schools don’t want them anymore. This event is put on by this guy Jamie that has this YouTube channel called Enigmatic Nomadics. At the event Jamie and other volunteers help convert peoples RVs vans etc. for free as long as the person that owns the vehicle buys the supplies. They even have a job board every day of the work needing to be done on people’s vehicles. He then films the work for his YouTube channel so other people know what to do for their conversions. I watched a lot of YouTube videos to convert my van to my home on wheels so I am grateful for YouTube. We had a nice campfire last night with lots of dance music and of course I danced a lot 💃