More Arizona Desert Camping

I moved on to a new location in Arizona where I am still camping for free on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land. Arizona is going to most likely be my winter home from now on. I love being a snowbird going where I want for the winter. Since I have wandered almost all of the U.S. over the past year I am slowing it down now and am going to stay at places longer so may not blog as much. I am camping with friends I have met along the way and with some new people I just met. I always go up to my neighbors if they happen to be outside and introduce myself if I don’t know them. I always like knowing who is around me and if I get a bad vibe I will stay away from them or move to another spot. Most of the time I feel good vibes only. The known rule in our community of nomads is that you do not go up to someone’s home and knock on the door. You wait until they are outside to talk to them especially if you have never met before. I Just took a long walk. I never thought I would love the desert so much but I do. Beautiful sunsets here too! ๐Ÿœ


Thanksgiving in the Desert and a Thief Amongst Us

After Las Vegas I headed back to Arizona to hang out with the same people I was hanging out with before Las Vegas at the third location due to everyone being kicked out of the other two locations for not having proper permits since a large group. The sunsets out here are beautiful. We had a huge Thanksgiving potluck lunch and an acoustic jam session that evening with some great singers and guitar players. 99.99% of the people I hang out with at these gatherings are good people that you can trust. Unfortunately someone wandered into our camp that I’m told stole medication from a guy recovering from cancer so that he could get high and was also caught rummaging through someone else’s RV. ย The guy got a ride there so I’m told a couple of people drove him away from our area to another part of the desert and left him there but not before beating him up and burning his clothes. Most people I hang out with wouldn’t beat someone up and burn their clothes so I’m not sure who did that but I don’t agree with the vigilante justice. Most people leave their doors unlocked and open all day and at night but I always leave my van locked when I’m not in it and at night time because of the less than 1% that you can’t trust. Just like in any city we still have to be careful out here in the desert ๐ŸŒต


Last Night in Las Vegas

We coordinated our Las Vegas trip with the LDI convention which is a live production convention for people like my son that work in the industry as lighting technicians, stage staff, riggers, etc. that work at nightclubs, Las Vegas shows, concerts, cruise ships, corporate events and other events. My son runs lights, lasers and the fog machine for bands and for shows on a cruise ship. He is on a two month break between contracts right now. They give a 7 month contract where you have to work every day and then 2 months off before the next 7 month contract. My son took classes during the week and I just went to the exhibit hall and live events they had outside this weekend. They showcased the latest lights, dance floors that light up, lasers, fog machines, stage equipment, rigging equipment, lighting consoles and other equipment. It was nice to learn more about what my son does for a living. Friday night they had a live hip hop artist and a rock band outside. Afterwards walking back to our hotel we stopped to listen to a great rock band set up on the ‘Brooklyn Bridge’ at the New York New, York resort. Last night at the convention they had a dj playing music outside and an awesome laser light show in an attempt to win the Guinness World Record for the largest laser light show in the world, which they won. A representative from Guinness was there to present them with the award. It was cool to be part of that. Tonight is our last night in Las Vegas. We are going to end it with a feast at a buffet restaurant because you gotta do a buffet when in Las Vegasย ๐ŸŒฎ๐ŸŒฏ๐Ÿ•๐Ÿž๐ŸฐIMG_1693IMG_1696IMG_1707IMG_1715IMG_1717IMG_1720

KA, Hoover Dam and Sin City

A few nights ago we went to the KA Cirque du Soleil show at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, which was pretty amazing. Today we went to the Hoover Dam with a tour of the power plant at the dam. Tonight we checked out the iconic Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign (the first time I’ve seen it even though I’ve been to Las Vegas four times now). We then went to the Freemont Experience downtown that has a covered area with a ceiling with a screen that that does a light show to music. They played my favorite song Free Bird. There is definitely a lot of low life looking people downtown trying to make money off the tourists. There was lots of half naked girls wanting money to pose for pictures with them. One had ‘sin city’ written on her butt with a marker. There was also this guy that called himself ‘dancing grandpa’ that was dancing for tips. It was wierd ๐Ÿ˜‰


Las Vegas

I am enjoying spending time with my son in Las Vegas. The last time I came to Las Vegas I just slept in my van in the parking lot of one of the hotels but I got a hotel room this time since my son is with me. I did not enjoy the many times I had to take the long walk to my van to get things I kept forgeting. We are staying at the Luxor hotel which is a hotel that looks like an egyptian pyramid with a super bright light on top that I remember seeing about 45 minutes away when camping on Lake Mead earlier this year. I thought the shootings last month happened across from Mandalay Bay which is next door but the tragedy actually occurred in front of the Luxor and our view from our hotel room looks right at it. It made me very sad at first to look out the window and see where the tragedies took place but it also reminds me to enjoy everyday as if it was my last and to not live in fear or in the past, because you never know what can happen. My son and I enjoyed walking up and down the Las Vegas strip and checking out the Bellagio fountains, Ceasar’s Palace, New York New York, Excalibur and the other resorts and seeing all the lights of Las Vegas. My son is going on an ATV tour tomorrow through the desert. I am too sore to go from all the walking to my van and walking up and down the strip and I need to be responsible and get some work done โš–๏ธ



Got Kicked Out Again and Butterfly

Yesterday we got kicked out of the second location for the van build party. This time everybody just dispersed to different areas around Lake Havasu. Apparently the guy putting on the event didn’t get the proper permit. Not a big deal to me though because I had to leave today to go to Las Vegas anyway to meet my son โค๏ธย I stayed overnight at a truckstop last night on the way to Las Vegas. I had a great time hanging out in the desert with my old and new friends. I met this great family that is homeschooling their three kids. They are the sweetest kids. Someone in our group created a labyrinth a little farther out in the desert and someone else found this bench in the middle of the desert and put it next to the labyrinth so we could sit on it and watch the sunset from it. Two kids from the family took me to the labyrinth to see it and had me walk barefoot through the path and then gave me beads to where around my neck afterwards. Everyone was so nice that one of the people I have been hanging out with came over to my van and asked if I wanted him to add extra sealant around the areas where my solar panels are bolted to my roof to prevent leaks since he had leftover lap sealant from helping someone else install their solar panels, which I took him up on the offer. I have been camping with a smaller group within our big group that are an awesome group of people. I had so much fun with them. One of the people in our group turned his passenger seat around to sit on when hanging out in his van but he didn’t install a swivel to turn it around for people driving with him somewhere. Another person in our group that he gave a ride to town said it felt like she was on an amusement park ride because she couldn’t see where they were going. I thought about getting a swivel seat for my passenger seat but I think I would still just end up sitting on my bed to work, eat, read, etc. They had a solar panel and controller seminar right before we got kicked out, which was both informative and confusing. There were so many people at this event and many other places I’ve been to that have hippie names so a friend and I decided that my hippie name is going to be Butterfly because everybody keeps call me a social butterfly or a butterfly because I’m always flutering around to the different campsites and campfires talking to people. I like the name because my mom liked butterflies because they represent a new beginning. I had so much fun camping with my hippie peeps in the desert!ย ๐ŸŒต


New Location and Putting Myself on Lockdown

We had to move from our old location on Arizona Trust Land to a new location that is on BLM land. I stayed at the old location an extra night because I had my land trust pass and since there was less than 20 of us that stayed we didn’t need a permit. I had to catch up on work plus I enjoyed the peace and quiet. I got to the new location yesterday and put myself on lockdown until 5 pm to catch up on work today. I didn’t even let myself step out of the van until then and told everybody the night before I needed to work all day which they respected. It is hard to work when you’re having fun in the desert with your friends but at least I had a nice view of the mountains and desert from my van windows while working. Before I left the other location my battery died because I left the key in the ignition turned on all day. My friend that was still there jumpstarted my battery with this little Viking kit that you don’t even need a car to do it with so I went out and I bought the kit because I thought what if I was there by myself. I could call AAA since I had phone service there but a lot of times I am camping by myself out in the desert or forest with no cell service so I am glad I have the kit now so I can jumpstart my own car now. AAA might not even go to some of the places I go to even if I had cell service. I also bought this wrap that goes around the front of my van windows that someone was selling here that provides more privacy and keeps the sun out more. I’ve been wanting to get one. I watched a beautiful sunset with my fellow nomads tonight ๐ŸŒ„


I Love Our Hippy Hobo Family and Police Visit

A friend came to my van yesterday morning with a big smile on her face and said to me “I love our hippy hobo family” and I was like “me too!” Such an awesome group of people here with a giving spirit that want to help each other. Today there was a lot of volunteers putting in a handicap ramp in the back of this guy’s van and a few people helped me figure out why my solar panels weren’t charging my batteries that great but everything is good now. It is hard for me to volunteer labor to help people with their renovations of their vans with neck and back issues from my car accident I had years ago which means I shouldn’t be dancing so much also but I can’t help it. I love to dance! So instead ย of volunteering labor I’ve been bringing food to the volunteers. I’m gonna pay for a big pizza party for the volunteers next week. Last night we had a big dance party around the campfire and the police showed up and said they had orders to make us immediately vacate the property because they said it’s not on BLM land which is free to camp on but on Arizona Trust Land. However, for the weekend we were able to resolve the issue by just all going online and paying for a $15 permit to park on the trust land but when the trust land office opens in the morning the police are going to find out if we can still be here because such a large group but atleast we got to stay and party on! We are moving to a second location that someone found on BLM land if we have to leave tomorrow. Not a big deal to just drive the van to a new nearby location. There are a lot of people here with dogs and something new to me someone traveling with a cockatoo and another with a pet turtle named Skippy. Tonight we’re having an acoustic jam session. I am really looking forward to it ๐ŸŽผ


Fun in the Desert!

I am having so much fun at our desert gathering. I got here on halloween night and handed out candy to everyone at their campsites. I went up to this one RV because everybody said there was kids in it and I yelled out ‘trick-or-treat’ and they wouldn’t come to the door because they thought I wanted candy and they didn’t have any. So then I yelled out ‘reverse trick-or-treat. I have candy!’ and they answered the door and we’re happy to get the candy. I have fun being a candy girl ๐Ÿญย There are a lot of people here that just started out on the road full-time in their homes on wheels that didn’t know anyone here. A friend and I were talking to this new guy and he kept refering to everyone as me and my friend’s group so I told him ‘you are part of our group now’. Later that day he came up to me and said that made him very happy which of course made me very happy ๐Ÿ˜Š I think everybody wants to feel they belong somewhere. I definitely feel this is the group of people I belong to. A good friend of mine showed up today so I was very happy to see her. There’s so many cool vans and RVs here. There’s this one RV that the owners painted artwork all over it and glued glass beads in pretty patterns all over it and their matching car. So cool! There are lots of former school buses here converted or being converted to RVs. Apparently they’re pretty cheap to buy after the schools don’t want them anymore. This event is put on by this guy Jamie that has this YouTube channel called Enigmatic Nomadics. At the event Jamie and other volunteers help convert peoples RVs vans etc. for free as long as the person that owns the vehicle buys the supplies. They even have a job board every day of the work needing to be done on people’s vehicles. He then films the work for his YouTube channel so other people know what to do for their conversions. I watched a lot of YouTube videos to convert my van to my home on wheels so I am grateful for YouTube. We had a nice campfire last night with lots of dance music and of course I danced a lot ๐Ÿ’ƒ