The Painted Desert in Arizona

The ‘painted desert’ is part of the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona that I was at approximately six months ago. I was driving right by it on Interstate 40 and just couldn’t pass it up because it is so beautiful. I enjoyed spending time there and hiking one of the trails and then hit the road again. I always meet people in my travels and when I tell them I live in my van and stay overnight at rest areas and truck stops they always ask if I am scared staying there of which I advise them no as long as ones not near big cities and I don’t let people see I am a girl alone in a van when at my final destination for the night. They only see me in the morning when I go inside for the restroom or coffee. Most truckers are hard working people (some are women) just trying to make a living and others are travelers like me needing a place just to sleep for the night. The criminals typically don’t drive to places in the middle of nowhere to commit crimes against people and prefer breaking into unoccupied vehicles in cities to steal items or the vehicles and unlike city house dwellers if I get a bad vibe from someone lurking outside I can just hop in my drivers seat and drive away. I am excited to meet up with a friend of mine tomorrow that I haven’t seen since February along with some other friends I haven’t seen in awhile. We are all meeting at a gathering in the desert. I miss our desert gatherings 🌵